Friday, September 3, 2010

It's Coming Down this Saturday 9/4

Yes - it's true - all things have a season... and this On the Fence project is ending. Come out this Saturday at 9am to help take down the images - we'll bring scissors and blades - feel free to bring your own -
We'll be clipping the ties and hauling everything that isn't claimed off to the dump.*
Coffee and donuts will be there too!

Thanks for your support and encouragement on this project - what a terrific collaboration between corporate space and community interest... all in the name of ART!

Keep in touch,
Pam & Anne

*Many folks have expressed interest in taking home a piece or two from the Fence installation - if you show up at 9,
you can get in line to choose one. We're asking for a donation to Groundswell NW - our fiscal sponsor and fantastic advocate for public projects in the area.

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