Saturday, May 1, 2010

First Draft

We put up a prototype section of the fence on Thursday... just clipped it on for an hour and took it down after photos. The response and conversation with neighbors and drivers during that time was fantastic! Everyone was so happy about the idea that we would be putting a much bigger version up this summer. We will start rolling installing in June... rolling it out slowly over several weeks.

The theme is loosely organized around the alphabet - with each 12 foot wide panel referencing a letter. Not necessarily in ABCD order, and using Ballard imagery along with obscure images that we like.
Still collecting large cardboard panels (think appliance boxes, etc) and usable free stuff. Contact us with ideas.


  1. I have cool cut outs from wings that I use to make luminarias, I think Pam has one of them, the cutouts look like stencils and are from a waterjet cutter, they are pointy and rugged, not so user friendly but if behind the fence out of reach of little fingers they would be so cool, let me know, Lynette Johnson

  2. oops forgot, they are maybe 2 feet by 3 feet or bigger maybe.